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Why is window security film necessary?

When you think about it, your windows are the most vulnerable aspect of your home or commercial property.

Security film provides a needed barrier between you and potential dangers, such as industrial explosions, bomb blasts, storm damage and burglars.

Window Security Film = Peace of Mind

The biggest upfront benefit of installing security/safety film is knowing you’ve eliminated the danger of personal injury to you, your family, or employees.

As the owner of any commercial building you’ve also mitigated possible lawsuits as you can show that you took the necessary precautions to keep your building safe from theft, storms and explosions.

At All-Phase Window Tinting we choose from a carefully selected group of manufacturers so we can ensure that you achieve top-notch work performed with the correct materials.

We’ve been serving the greater Atlanta area as security film experts since 1992. We look forward to working on your next project.

Window Security Film Prevents “Smash & Grab”

Smash and grab burglary attempts are one of the most used methods by criminals looking to quickly obtain their loot.

Any window or glass door that can easily be shattered with one swing of a heavy object is inviting a future break-in. Remember that break-ins don’t only end in theft. They sometimes end in personal injury when you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After we install security film for your home or business you can sleep at night knowing that criminals won’t be able to gain entry.

Watch the following video and imagine your property protected in this manner:

Protect Against Bomb Blasts

Whether it’s a hotel, government building, hospital, school or downtown commercial building we’ll help protect your property against bomb explosions through our expert window security film installation.

In today’s world, terrorism isn’t a threat to be taken lightly.

Remember that bomb blasts emit extremely powerful shock waves.

This means that even if your building happens to be on the outskirts of a high-risk area, the shock waves can still reach your building, shatter unprotected glass and cause damage as the shards of glass explode…reaching people and nearby property, vehicles, etc.

Ask us for a free quote. We’ll show you how to protect against this type of situation.

Storm Protection

Hurricanes, tornadoes and even highly violent storms cause window breakage.

Not only do you run the risk of personal injury and property damage during the storm but also looting once the weather dies down. Criminals love to see gaping holes in your outer structure caused by unprotected and now broken glass doors and windows.

Take time now to install the proper window film for protection against any type of natural disaster, such as category 2 hurricanes.

Graffiti Protection

Cleaning up after an attack of graffiti is traditionally expensive. Install the correct anti-graffiti film and you’ll no longer worry about it.

Pens, spray paints and other graffiti instruments are rendered useless when you can either wipe them clean or remove the sacrificial barrier protecting your glass.

The same goes for scratches or etchings.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to serve you in this area.

Protect Your Atlanta Area Home

Not only will glass treated with security film protect your home from burglars, but also from potential bodily harm resulting from home accidents.

How many times have you heard about the child who falls through a glass door or smashes his or her hand through glass while roughhousing with a sibling or friend?

How many times have you seen a golf ball or baseball make its way through a family room or kitchen window?

Without protected glass these situations cause glass to shatter into large shards of glass. These glass shards have a tendency to shoot through the air upon impact. These shards cause great harm to people, as well as belongings.

By the way, you’ll often save money on insurance premiums once you’ve installed protective window film.

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