Atlanta Solar Window Film: Achieve Improved Energy Efficiency

Installing solar window film brings many advantages to your Atlanta home, office building or other commercial property, such as government buildings, hospitals and schools.

We’ve documented benefits such as fading protection, UV ray protection, and glare reduction elsewhere on our site (click each link for those explanations).

Let’s focus now on energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Film

Solar Window Film = Energy Efficiency

Remember that any structure’s ability to become energy efficient depends in large part upon its windows.

Traditionally, winter months mean heating systems need to work overtime to replace heat escaping through the windows of your home or business. During the summer, too much heat is allowed to enter and air conditioners must work harder.

The end result is higher energy costs on your bottom line.

Using All-Phase Window Tinting to install solar control film for your structure solves this issue. We’ll help you lock heat in during the winter and block solar energy from entering during the summer.

When you consider that approximately 40% of your summer utility bill comes from the amount of heat allowed in through your windows, it becomes obvious that solar control window film is an effective energy control tool.

The great thing about installing solar blocking window film is that you do it once and benefit year after year. We find that most installs pay for themselves within 4 years of completion.

Achieving Energy Efficiency w/ Solar Film

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