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Did you know that when you install solar film protection in your Atlanta home or commercial building that the installation will normally pay for itself within four years?

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Benefits of Solar Film Protection

  • Energy savings
  • Heat reduction
  • Fade protection
  • Ultraviolet light protection
  • Glare reduction

Energy Savings

Tinted window film helps save on energy costs during both winter and summer.

During the winter, you’ll save on heating costs because your window tint install will help retain more heat.

During the summer, less solar energy is allowed inside. This helps cut down on the need for air conditioning.

Heat Reduction

We offer solar control window films in a wide variety of lighter/darker shades, as well as reflective and non-reflective options.

For the most part, modern high-end solar control film is lighter and less reflective but performs the same as more reflective, darker films.

The net result inside your office, commercial property or home is this: reduction in temperature differentiation between shaded and sunny areas as well as a dramatic reduction in interior solar heat gain.

Fading Reduction

While all solar film protection options will help your Atlanta home or office achieve a 99% reduction in UV rays, darker films do work better as fade protectors.

Fading is caused by light, heat and the ultraviolet rays. In order to protect your furniture, carpets, wood floors, artwork and other valuables from fading we’ll recommend the best choices of film.

Fade reduction is an area we serve well. Talk to us and we’ll provide you all the information and answers you’re looking for.

UV Ray Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be dangerous when you’re exposed long-term.

For employees sitting at desks near the window, it’s vital that UV rays are minimized. The same goes for your family inside your home.

When you want the benefit of open windows for a sunny atmosphere then UV film protection is the answer.

Ask us about your options in this area and we’ll help you protect against ultraviolet and infrared rays while benefiting from maximum natural lighting.

Glare Reduction

Darker films generally work well for glare reduction.  Reducing glare can be especially beneficial on commercial properties to help increase safety.

If you’re suffering from eye strain or TV/computer screen “back shine”, then contact us. We’ll advise you on the best plan of attack against glare.

By the way, don’t forget about the added benefit of safety and security when discussing window film options with us.

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