Providing Security Film For Atlanta Homes & Commercial Buildings

Using safety and security film goes a long way in providing protection against a variety of possible dangers:

  • Smash and grab theft
  • Storms
  • Bomb/blast/industrial explosion
  • Graffiti
Neff security film install

Safety Security Film Prevents “Smash & Grab”

Who can use safety film as a preventative against smash & grab theft?

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Health care facilities
  • Homes
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Government buildings
  • Any type of business with glass windows/doors

Storm Protection

Violent storms can cause an immense amount of damage. They also pose safety issues when unprotected glass breaks and shoots highly dangerous shards of glass in the direction of people and property.

Using high quality anti-shatter window film can prevent serious personal injury and property damage.

Especially during tornadoes or hurricanes, small and/or large missile impacts are mitigated through the use of security/safety film.

Bomb or Explosion Mitigation

Choose us to install window film when you need to reduce the hazard caused by potential industrial explosions, terrorist attacks or bomb blasts.

These situations send large dangerous shards of glass  through the air when protective film hasn’t been installed.

This is a perfect fit for a government building, refinery, distillery or any manufacturing plant.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Concerned about graffiti and other types of vandalism? Talk to us. We’ll show you how you can avoid violations to your property, such as scratched or etched glass.

Graffiti is rendered ineffective through a sacrificial barrier that’s easily removed. Anti-graffiti film also acts as a repellant against spray paint or markers.

At All-Phase Window Tinting we choose from a variety of manufacturers. This is an added benefit to your project because it allows us to choose the best and highest quality materials that match your needs.

Click here for more benefits of security film.

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