Residential Window Tinting Options for Your Atlanta Home

Installing residential window tinting will:

  • Keep your home safe and secure
  • Protect against UV ray damage
  • Provide privacy
  • Help save on energy costs
  • Protect against broken glass
  • Add decorative features to your home
  • Protect against the threat of hurricanes
completed residential window film install

Benefits of Atlanta Residential Window Tinting

As an Atlanta area homeowner you want to keep your family safe, save money, protect your furniture and other belongings from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, provide privacy and even add decorative features to your home.

Installing window film will help you accomplish each of these goals.

Heat Rejection & Energy Savings

No longer will you need to pull the curtains closed during the hot summer months. Instead of feeling as if you’re hiding inside a dark home, feel free to open up your home to the sun’s light after your residential window tinting installation.

While our high quality films allow light in, they block out the infrared heat that causes you to turn on the air conditioner.

Less solar energy enters your home. The result is a lower energy bill during the summer. You’ll find your home becomes brighter and more comfortable.

And don't forget that our window film installation will help you retain heat inside your home during the winter, saving you money as you use your heater less often.

Fading & UV Protection

Your furniture, artwork, wood flooring, carpets, and other valuable items in your home will fade due to the sun’s UV light.

Actually, the causes of fading are as follows:

  • 40% from UV
  • 25% from Heat
  • 25% from Light
  • (rest from misc. reasons)

Window tint helps keep your family safe is by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that over 90% of skin cancer is caused by exposure to UV rays. The National Skin Cancer Foundation also tells us that if you have any current skin cancer issues or concerns that window film is to be strongly considered.

Most folks are unaware how much they’re exposed to the sun while inside a comfortably air-conditioned home. This also applies during the winter months when the sun's harmful rays come through unprotected glass.

Another reason to reduce the UV rays allowed to enter through your window glass is to protect against eye damage.

Glare Reduction

Installing glare reduction glass for your windows and doors helps reduce eye strain.

It reduces the "back shine" on your computer and television screens, resulting in more overall comfort inside your home.

Family Safety & Privacy

While glass doors or panoramic windows give your home a wonderful aesthetic appearance, they also make it easy for burglars looking to gain entry.

When you hire us to install security film you’ll sleep well at night knowing that any vandal looking for a smash and grab opportunity will find out quickly how your home can’t be penetrated.

Safety from broken glass is another area to think about. Imagine a small accident, such as an errant baseball thrown from the backyard into your kitchen window.

Safety film keeps glass from breaking off into highly dangerous shards that can hurt you or even damage your furniture, floors or walls.

As well, your new window film installation will provide more privacy inside your home, such as for your bathroom windows.

Finally, don’t forget about the decorative advantages. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the way we can help add a pleasant aesthetic look to your glass doors, for example.

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