Installing Office Window Tint to Your Atlanta Area Building

Installing office window tint in your Atlanta building offers a variety of advantages.

We’ve detailed many major benefits here.

Let’s now look at how a commercial window film install can help in 3 other ways:

  • Interior Privacy
  • Productivity
  • LEED certification

Office Window Tint Offers Interior Privacy

Frosted Window Film for Privacy

Modern office spaces often use glass walls. Unfortunately, this can cause issues with privacy.

Using materials like frosted window films, we can help provide privacy for meeting rooms, cubicle spaces, office doors, and even bathroom stalls.

Talk to us today and we’ll explain how the functionality of privacy can be achieved while also adding exciting decorative designs to your building.

Custom Frost Window Film

Increased Productivity

Every business is looking to save on productivity costs. Nothing helps improve productivity more than comfortable, happy employees.

Installing commercial window film to your building keeps your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

During the summer months especially, there’s no need to close the blinds. This allows for open views of the outdoor environment and a more spacious “feel” to the office space, which combine for a better employee “mental outlook”.

Computer glare is eliminated, which reduces eye strain.

When employees feel comfortable physically and positive mentally, productivity is increased.

Earning LEED Credits

As you’re working toward earning LEED credits offered through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), it’s important to understand how window film has a direct impact.

Points are earned in areas such as:

  • Energy performance optimization
  • Reduction in light pollution
  • Daylighting & views
  • Thermal comfort

Window film helps in the following ways:

Energy performance optimization: Building Energy Star Rating is improved because window film provides between 5-15% in Whole Building Energy Savings.

Reduction in light pollution: The intent is to reduce any impact upon nocturnal environments, help night sky access & reduce a building’s light trespass. Window film helps reduce by 50% or more the potential light trespass from your building.

Daylighting & views: Window film helps reduce the need for shades or blinds. This opens up the office space to daylight and allows for outdoor views, which is important for employee morale.

Thermal comfort: Installing office window film reduces the amount of solar heat allowed in.

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