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Did you know that you might qualify for an energy efficiency rebate or tax credit when you install window film?

While this is an ever-changing area, due to the change in various tax laws that allow for rebates, credits and discounts for window film installs, we want to make sure:

  • You know about availability of these rebates/tax credits
  • You know where to go for further information
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The Push For Energy Control & Efficiency

Various government agencies and utility companies want to help homeowners, business owners and property owners share in the movement toward energy efficiency.

They’ve created programs for discounts, rebates and tax credits to help provide incentives to get the needed work completed on your structure.

Window film is an excellent way to achieve energy control and so is included in many of these programs.

Of course, a tax credit is the best option to look for. A credit is always better than a deduction (reduction in the amount subjected to tax) because it directly reduces the amount of your income tax liability.

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Energy Efficiency Rebate & Credit Resources

It’s our goal to help you get the most up-to-date information. Here are some resources you can check to help discover what your specific window film project qualifies for:

International Window Film Association

Window Film Tax Credit

Incentives & Rebates for Energy-Efficient Windows

You can also contact your utility company and ask for details.

And, of course, we invite you to contact us directly here at All-Phase Window Tinting. It’s our business as certified window film and solar control experts to know exactly where you can get the latest rebates or tax credits.

Ask us for a free estimate on your planned window film installation.

We’ll be in contact with your quote and will take the time to consult with you so you know which materials will work best for your install. During that consult we can advise you on what your specific project qualifies for in terms of energy control rebates/credits.

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