Commercial Window Tinting: Protect Your Atlanta Area Property

There are many reasons to install commercial window tinting for your Atlanta area property:

  • Protection against “smash & grab” theft
  • Storm Protection
  • Protection against accidental explosion incidents
  • Bomb blast protection
  • Protection against graffiti
  • Glare reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower cooling and heating costs
  • Outer Privacy
  • Interior Privacy
  • Safety: Shards of glass held together if broken
  • Protect property & employees from UV rays
  • Improved comfort
  • Earn LEED credits
  • Enhanced curb appeal

Why Use All-Phase For Your Commercial Window Tinting?

As a family run business since 1992, All-Phase Window Tinting proudly serves the businesses in the greater Atlanta area, as well commercial properties along the eastern seaboard.

As certified window film and solar control experts we look forward to consulting with you regarding your project, providing a detailed estimate and working toward your project completion.

Call us at 770-419-2237 or Toll-Free: 877-986-3456 (FILM).

Energy Savings & Heat Rejection

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Office window tint allows less solar energy to enter your building. These heat rejection qualities have a direct impact on your energy bills.

You’ll spend less on air conditioning when it’s warm. You’ll also save on heating your property in the winter because our high quality films help retain the heat inside the building.

Protect Against Smash and Grab Theft

Burglars love the ability to take one swing, break your glass door or window and quickly take what they want.

Installing security window film immediately protects your storefront from “smash & grab”.

As you’ll see in the video below, they may be able to smash the glass but they can’t get inside your property. The film keeps the glass from shattering, keeping the potential burglar outside.

Storm Protection

Installing office window tint is effective as protection against storms and other natural disasters.

Without window film, glass breaks into shards of glass. During a violent storm, tornado or hurricane these shards of glass fly through air, potentially harming employees, bystanders and physical property.

A window film install ensures that your glass windows and doors are protected and won’t shatter when Mother Nature decides to blow through town.

Explosions and Bomb Situations

Industrial accidents do happen. These can result in explosions.

We also live in a time when terrorism is a real threat. Commercial window tinting will protect you against bomb blasts and refinery/industrial explosions.

Remember that these blasts can also affect your property even when happening elsewhere. The thrust can travel miles. If the glass in your building hasn’t been fortified with window film, you run the risk of shattered glass causing bodily injury and property damage.

Graffiti Protection

We can help you hold off graffiti “artists”.

Window film is effective because it provides a removable barrier between your glass window or door and graffiti.

Graffiti film is an excellent deterrent for spray paint and key etchings.

Glare Reduction & Privacy

Black out window film can be installed to achieve privacy. Don’t want people outside your building to see behind your counter? No problem. Privacy film protects against this.

You'll achieve glare reduction benefits by protecting against TV/computer screen "back shine". It reduces overall eye strain inside your building as well.

Ultraviolet Light & Fade Protection

UV rays are dangerous when you’re exposed long-term. Employees inside your building need to be protected from this threat.

Window tint keeps the UV rays out while still allowing for a light, airy work environment.

The combination of heat, light and UV rays fade furniture, flooring, carpeting and other property. Solar window film prevents this from happening.

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